Building Your Full Circle Image with TACT


Customized Training

Our customized training has benefited many organizations, including…

Nicole Bluso, Chapter Advisor | Alpha Phi Sorority, Kent State University
icon_01“The organization that I advise had a serious image problem on their campus. Melanie developed a custom presentation to help the members identify the organization’s problem, brainstorm ways to correct the image problem, and develop a standard image goal for the future. Melanie took the training and development to the next level by incorporating not only the organization’s image issue but educating each individual member how to personally manage their social media outlets to portray a TACT-ful representation of themselves.”

It’s not just your logo on our stuff; it’s true customization to your unique organization, challenges and goals.

We pride ourselves on customizing each training program to the individual client. You can expect that we take the time to understand your organization, your culture, your challenges, your audience and their training needs.

Then, using our exclusive TACT® philosophy as the backbone, we meticulously design activities and self-discovery opportunities, develop relevant content and tools, and weave together discussion and practice to fit. Participation is not only encouraged, it’s required for maximum effect and “a-ha moments”!

Workshops can be designed for one-to-one up to convention breakout sessions.

The result: a specific and interactive approach that addresses your needs, engages your audience, and provides the ROI that meets (or exceeds!) your expectations.

pic01These are not your grandfather’s workshops!

We don’t talk at you using cumbersome, rambling PowerPoint slides. There’ll be no time for catching some Zzzz. We promise that you won’t be bored to tears.

Instead, be prepared to…

  • Engage in conversation
  • Share your perspective and ideas
  • Practice with real, on-the-job scenarios
  • Get up and move during activities
  • Be enlightened and motivated
  • Walk away with improved skills, behaviors and awareness

Our process for developing your customized training

We begin at the beginning—with a needs assessment. This could include a focused discussion with decision-makers, shadowing employees on the job, picking the brains of your internal Subject Matter Experts…whatever we need to do to understand your organization and uncover the issues.

Then, we develop specific content and activities for your audience.

Every program provides the opportunity for…

  • Self-discovery – to build awareness and uncover underlying issues
  • Practical application – to practice new behaviors in a safe environment
  • Real-life scenarios – to connect the information with past, present and future work experiences
  • Expectations – to set the standard for new, positive behaviors
  • Support – to enhance retention and support the learner when they need it
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