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TACT_purpleMelanie Jatsek | President of Diet Busters and Creator of the Healthy YOU program
“While in the middle of developing an online wellness program, I became increasingly frustrated as I attempted to shape it into something that people would actually use. As a subject matter expert, I had the content, but just didn’t understand how to put it together. I felt stuck. I was on information-overload and ready to give up! Then I met Melanie Pirro from The TrainingWorks Group. Because she truly understands adult learning behaviors, she coached me through streamlining the program and cutting out unnecessary content that was diluting the intended outcome. Working with Melanie enabled me to get the program to market six months sooner…which meant six months more of sales! Now that’s what I call an ROI!”

Adopt a daily routine of TACT®

Training’s not a magic pill – one workshop will not fix your “ailments”. Our exclusive TACT® Coaching Model provides an excellent follow-up strategy – a “supplement” – to our customized training. It helps to ensure that folks maintain the behaviors learned during training, rather than slipping back into old habits and ways of thinking. Learning sticks better when participants have time to absorb the information and relate it to their own situation, then start using it. Coaching also helps people to stay out of their own way and continue moving forward, by providing an unbiased perspective and the right questions to fuel self-discovery. During our coaching “workouts”, we discuss, reflect, practice and give feedback to keep the momentum going and allow them to integrate new information and methods into their daily lives.

Tailored to individuals, groups and projects

Our coaching programs are customized and include exploration, discussion, reflection and goal setting. Individuals are held accountable for their own progress and actions. Each “workout” focuses on performance gaps, performance improvement, skills needed for success, and plans to get there. We can create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) or train managers to create them with their employees. And, because we’re all about fitting the solution to you, we offer different types of coaching, based on your needs.


For under-performing employees and those struggling with change


For both new teams and existing teams


For new leaders, existing leaders, emerging leaders and high potential employees


For working more effectively, both as a team and individually, through a complex project

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